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Steampunk IPhone Case

Posted by Tina Fermin on

This post contains some affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I may receive a commission when you make a purchase. All affiliate link items are items I have actually tried out myself.


I was really on the fence when the IPhone 6 came out, especially with the Iphone 6S plus. All I kept thinking is I don't want to have to hold that big screen up to my face to talk. Also to make matters worse once I had it in a phone case it wouldn't fit in my car CD mount cell phone holder . With my first IPhone 6S plus cell phone case the phone was too bulky to fit into my cell phone holder. Even with the mount fully extended and then cranked back closed, my cell phone would not stay in.

In my head I knew I needed a way to detach my IPhone from the case but still keep it protected while it was in the car mount. I did a search one night on Amazon for detachable IPhone cases and wala, my solution was there right on the screen. I purchased the Amovo 2 in 1 Folio Detachable Wallet Case.


That wasn't enough though. I didn't want my case to look like anyone elses, so I gathered buttons, old jewelry and beads from knick-nacks I had around the house as well as a tube of E6000 craft glue, glue Dispensing Syringes with Tips, a tool to pick up my pearls and rhinestones (mine is shown in the lower left of my blog picture ( I think I got it from JoAnns) and lastly small needle nose and wire sniping pliers (so that I could cut the back of the button loops off and have them lay flat on my cell phone case after I glued them down). 


The best part is if I want to I can mix and match the phone wallets. They use a magnet to hold your phone in the case and it makes it easy to remove and place it in the phone holder when I'm driving.


Alright what are you waiting for, bling out your detachable phone case!


Car CD Mount Cell Phone Holder Amovo detachable IPhone case        Rhinestone/bead pick up tool


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