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Cat Stuff | Cat Eyeliner Stencil Tool

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The Cat Eyeliner Stencil Tool will help you create effortless cat eyes with eye shadow or eyeliner. Perfect for creating fun shapes with makeup! 

**Estimated Delivery Time:12-20 days**

  •  Reusable,Soft Material ,easy to draw eyeliner shape 
  • They completely change the way you do your make-up and save your time and efforts. 
  • This unique and first of its kind make-up tool will help you create different looks / visions easily and effortlessly
  • With "Eye Make-up stencils" you can create:
  • Cat eye liner 1 (for small eye)
  • Cat eye liner 2(for big eye)
  • Classic eye make-up
  • Classic eyeliner /thick or bold eyeliner
  •  Outlining eye make- up
  • Almond eye make-up
  • Nude makeup eyeliner