2022 Respiratory Care Week Triple Challenge

What is the 2022 Respiratory Care Week Triple Challenge?

This is a fun triple challenge open to respiratory therapist worldwide. You simply need to assemble your team, choose a main point of contact and have them submit the link(s) to your challenge photos, YouTube video(s) or TikTok video(s). **All submissions must be family friendly**

There are three parts to the challenge, your team can enter one or all three challenges as there will be a winning team for each category.

The Challenges are: 

Team Inspiration:  This can be a shout out board, pictures or slides of team building activities. These are just a few examples, your team is open to submit whatever you feel represents team inspiration to you.

Department Swag: Show us your decorations for respiratory care week, t-shirts, hats, etc.

The Ventilator Shuffle: Of course we have to have a dance number in here somewhere. Your team doesn't have to dance with the ventilators but they should be in the video somewhere.

Registration for the challenge contest opens on 10/1/22 and ends on 10/23/22. You can register and submit links to your photos, or videos starting on 10/1/22 here: #2022RCWTC Submissions

Respiratory Care Week runs 10/23 - 10/29, online voting will start on 10/23 and run until end of day 10/25/22. You, your family and friends will be able to vote for their favorite submissions via my blog or Facebook page once voting starts.

Use #2022RCWTC to help our challenge be found via multiple social media tools.

This means you have a little more than five months to up your game and perfect your swagger.

The winning teams will have bragging rights 10/25 -10/29 and their videos, photos will be featured on my blog, Facebook, Instagram and my YouTube.

Is your team up to the challenge?