What Is Print On Demand?

What Is Print On Demand?

Here at TDGiftSolutions.com we create customized and personalized products. To provide the most variety and customizations to our customers the majority of the products on our site are printed and created on demand. This means when you place your order our production partners start working on creating your unique product before it is shipped. Our production partners are home-based in the USA, however, they have printing facilities located around the world to facilitate all of our customers. Our current production partners currently print and create products from the US(t-shirts, mugs, canvas items, plates, basic hoodies, posters, jackets, and hats), and China (shoes, boots, all over print hoodies, purses, bags, and blankets) and the UK (custom pillow shapes). All custom products are assembled by hand, then packaged and shipped directly to you or your recipient.  


How much does shipping cost?

We strive to give you the best possible price on the shipping of your items, therefore shipping costs will vary depending on the shipping destination and the number of items that you purchase.  


How Long Will It Take To Receive My Custom Created Items

We strive to get your custom product to our production partner the same day your or order is received by us whenever possible. Depending on the time of the day and day of the week your order was submitted you can typically expect your order to be pulled by our production partners the same business day (It will be the next business day if your order is received after 3 pm CST).

You should expect to receive your tracking information within 3-5 business days and then expect shipping to take 3-15 business days to arrive depending on the item you ordered, production location, and the mail carrier (i.e.: expect shoes, boots, all over print hoodies, purses, bags, and blankets to take longer as these are custom created and shipped from China).  

Choosing the right size Please be mindful of sizes when choosing wearable items. Custom prints on-demand products are non-refundable/non-returnable.