Custom graphics FAQs

1)What types of custom graphics do you offer?

Currently we offer personalized dog tag style necklaces and t-shirts with Chibi style graphics, featuring your photo.

2) What is a Chibi?

Chibi describes an art style common in anime featuring characters with large heads, large eyes, and small bodies.


3) How long does it take from submission to finish to have a Chibi graphic created using my photo?

The artist who do our Chibi graphics estimate 48 to 72 hours to complete your custom graphic. 


4) What are the best types of backgrounds and poses to use when I take me photo?

To allow me to use your Chibi on either your jewelry piece or t-shirt I need a transparent background. This allows me to add unique items to your t-shirt or jewelry piece. You want to take your picture in natural lighting if possible, full body and a light colored, clutter free background.

As for poses, a basic pose will work best. The artist I work with is pretty talented and can do some advanced poses as long as you are in front of a basic background.


5) What type of photo quality do you need?

To create your custom jewelry piece and/or your t-shirt the quality of the photo needs to be at least 300 dpi. Image resolution describes the amount of detail an image holds. Higher resolution images are crisper and more detailed. In a lower resolution image, the fine differences in color disappear, edges become blurred, etc.

If possible have someone take your photo for you or use a tripod using your rear facing camera (it should offer better quality photo).


6) How do I get my photo to you?

On the product page you will be given an option to upload your photo.